Over the last 25 years, I have been practicing medicine in a variety of settings. From serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Major, teaching at a university medical school, and caring for patients in private practice. I am a long-standing member of the Medical Advisory Board of the GBS/CIDP Foundation International, as well as the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America. I am a member of the American Autonomic Society, Peripheral Nerve Society, the neurology committee of the Ehlers-Danlos Society, as well as other professional affiliations. In July,

I received international recognition from The Ehlers-Danlos Society when they presented me with the Community Choice Award for Outstanding Healthcare Professional of 2021; an award I am honored and humbled to have received.

After receiving my undergraduate and medical degrees from Boston University, I completed a residency in Neurology at Wilford Hall U.S. Air Force Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. This was followed by a fellowship in Neuromuscular Disorders and Clinical Neurophysiology at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. I have spent over 20 years caring for patients; teaching medical students, residents and fellows; lecturing colleagues; conducting research, and have authored over 50 medical articles and book chapters.

In addition to seeing patients with neuromuscular disorders, I have a focus on EDS, POTS, and other dysautonomias. I currently follow over 2,500 patients with EDS and POTS. I diagnose and manage their EDS, POTS, migraines, MCAS, and neuropathies. I am delighted to have been one of many excellent co-authors of the book Disjointed, a guide for patients wishing to learn about EDS, hypermobility, and related disorders.

Despite being small, the Center for Complex Neurology, EDS & POTS, provides an array of state-of-the-art testing such as nerve conduction studies, EMG, EEG, autonomic testing, nerve/muscle biopsies, and small fiber neuropathy testing.

We also partner with similar independent practices that can assist us in providing the care our patients need. This includes physical therapists, orthotists, allergists, orthopedists, gastroenterologists, immunologists, cardiologists, geneticists, and dentists knowledgeable about EDS and its complications.

“I pledge my commitment to do all I can to help assist my patients in their complex health care journey. We work together to improve their functioning and quality of life. My priority is focusing on diagnosing and treating patients with Neurodegenerative Disorders and conditions for which I have developed great expertise through years of study, practice, and research. Conditions for which similar degrees of expertise is possessed by only a small number of specialists in the Valley.”

“In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife Fran, trying a new Scotch, and watching the antics of my pet tortoise Gotleib.”

David Saperstein, M.D.
Board-certified in Neurology, Neuromuscular Medicine, Clinical Neurophysiology and Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology

Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix, AZ

FRAN SAPERSTEIN, Administrator & Chief Operating Officer

I’ve been in the healthcare field for over 25 years. In 1994, I received my Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. At the time, most of these programs were focused on hospital-based administration, but I took a different path. I knew I wanted to work with and for the providers. I did my internship at an insurance company to better understand the reimbursement, contracting and motivations of the insurance plans. I’ve used this to help with managing medical groups, labs, and consulting. In between, I’ve been a publisher, a medical social case worker, and I am a mixed media and fiber artist. While in the office, you’ll notice my artwork throughout.

I am Dr. Saperstein’s wife, but beyond that, I also understand what it’s like to be a patient with chronic illness. For years, I’ve searched for a diagnosis for my chronic autoimmune disease. We’ve gone through many treatments –

some successful and some not. I’ve also gotten both good and bad care over the years and can empathize with our patients. Like many of you, I’ve had times when I haven’t been able to work and times when I’ve been doing great. In short, chronic complex illness is not something new to me.

When we opened this practice, it was with the hope that we could fill a gap for patients with complex issues who were often pushed off by the medical community as too complex – or worse, told they were crazy. Here at CCN, we take a different approach. We listen to our patients, review the facts of their medical history, keep up on the current medical knowledge, and try to be a safe harbor in the crazy world of healthcare.

We look forward to helping you on your health care journey.

Fran Saperstein
Administrator & Chief Operating Officer




I graduated from the PA Program at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona in 2005.  I spent the first 14 years of my PA career working in Family Practice.  I then joined Dr. Saperstein here at The Center when this location first opened in 2019.

However, my interest in EDS and POTS started long before that.  Not only do I have a professional interest, but I also have a personal interest, as I too have EDS, POTS, and related conditions.  I believe this allows me to relate to and better understand my patient’s symptoms/conditions.  My background as a primary care provider also helps when working with our patients here, as complex chronic illnesses often affect multiple systems.

I will approach your care with a team approach, working closely with you and Dr. Saperstein.  My goal is to provide you care that will help improve your quality of life.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my 2 daughters, my husband, and my many pets.

Jaime Kozak
Physician Assistant-Certified




I have been practicing as a Physician Assistant since 2003 and have been working in Neurology since 2013.  I completed my master’s degree in physician assistant studies at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ. I have worked as a PA at Barrow Neurology in Phoenix and the Mayo Clinic Neurology department in Scottsdale.  It was at Mayo Clinic when I realized that I had a special interest in Autonomic Neurology.  I spent a year after Mayo Clinic in general neurology.

I started with the Center for Complex Neurology, EDS and POTS in February of 2020.  I was happy to return to autonomic neurology as I felt that it was a very underserved area of medicine.

On a personal note, I have a history of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and autonomic dysfunction as a teenager and young adult.  I look forward to helping patients improve their symptoms and navigate through the chronic symptoms.

Lisa Wadsworth
Physician Assistant-Certified